Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas is Coming

It's the holiday season and gift exchanges are done for me.  The hardest one's are with my crafty friends.  Things exchanged are usually handmade and well, the talent and creativity it just endless.  I struggle to make something worthwhile.  Thankfully they have been well received so I can now present them here!

First up: Beaded Mitts off my Sock Machine

Yes!  I actually cranked these out on my 2007 NZAK using a 60 needle compound cylinder.  A compound cylinder is 1" smaller in diameter so it works perfectly for ladies mitts.  The pattern for the motif is available in Socks & More, but I used a different cuff and top from CSM Cafe.  These are csm pattern books that I'm really enjoying using.

Next up:  Heel Pin Cushion


These can be made with 3, 4 or more heels and on any size cylinder depending on the size pincushion you want.  It's clever I know but *I* didn't unvent it. There isn't a pattern available that I can reference, but details and original source are documented in my Ravelry.  This one was my "trial and error", after that I cranked out a bunch, they are very addicting to make.

It's strange.  Usually when I handknit something I don't knit it again.  There are exceptions, but they are rare.  Not so with the sock machine.  I find the instant gratification makes it satisfying and really, the more you make the same item the better you get (hand or machine).  I only made one pair of the mitts but there's a "test mitt" without a mate lying in a pile somewhere.