Friday, January 09, 2015

Happy New Year!

For the last 16 years I've spent the first weekend after New Year's at a knitting retreat.  Last weekend was the 17th year and we returned to the San Juan Bautista Retreat Center for the second time. I worked on my mosaic vest almost religiously (ha, ha, no pun intended -- San Juan Bautista is one of the California Missions, and the Retreat Center is run by Franciscan Monks).
And it's done!  It's a little big though.  I don't know what I was thinking when I cast on for this, um, a long time ago.  Details here.  I guess I just picked the Large, guessing that the sizes were S(M,L,XL). But for that the chest measurement was 46".  And well, given that I knit a tad loose, it ended up more like 49".  It fits ok, the fabric composed of garter stitch with worsted weight yarn, it's pretty thick.  I love the construction, I just wish I paid more attention when I knit the back.  I should've known early on (like within the first repeat of the pattern) how off it was going to be.

Which leads me to what I plan to work on this year...knitting sweaters that fit.  Actually this was last year's goal but I didn't knit that much (house remodel -- floors -- which means I spent half the year moving furniture in and out -- twice each -- of the house).  This time for sure.  The sweater I'm going to start with is Caramel, because I already have yarn waiting, an on-going goal, stash reduction. Besides since it has overlapping fronts -- I only have to pay attention to the back. Plus it's knit top down so I can try it on as I go!

Other goals, the usual, knit more (wip reduction), spin more, weave more, lace more.  What about you?  Leave a comment then head on over to Fiber Arts Friday to see what everyone else is up to!