Friday, November 24, 2006

10 things

About a year ago I posted 20 Random Things which was to be the first of 5 installments. It was followed by 20 More Things and ended there. I was recently tagged by Vivian along with Cris to do 5 things, but since Cris isn't gonna -- I'll do 10 which will bring me to and even 50.

41. I learned to swim the summer I graduated from highschool. I was going to college in the fall and moving into an apt with a pool. Another classmate learned with me -- he was going to the Naval Academy to become a Navy Seal.

42. I hang with a group of women who are in tech pubs. I am an engineer, but there are mostly men in my profession so I tend to gravitate to where the women are. I can code but I can't write.

43. I collect Longaberger baskets.

44. ...their pottery.

45. ...and wrought iron.

The next 5 are holiday related:

46. I roasted my first turkey when I was 38 (not too long ago).

47. I can my own whole berry cranberry sauce the weekend before Thanksgiving. 5 jars. I open 2 the day of, pawn off 2 to relatives, save the last for me.

48. I don't like to think about any particular holiday before the most immediate one is over. I don't think about Thanksgiving until after Halloween and I don't think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving -- all the other holidays are far enough apart not to require any resistance on my part.

49. I don't shop the day after Thanksgiving, not even for yarn.

50. In fact, I try to avoid the mall between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve...unfortunately, this being "shopping" season, it can't be helped.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Sweater for Marisol

I took the Top Down Sweaters class at Yarndogs and produced a knit to fit sweater for my daughter's Amercian Girl doll Marisol. All you needed were 2 measurements, a few calculations based on your gauge swatch (or whatever the ball band says) and you're good to go! As you can see it fits perfectly!

I've got to start something new. Maybe a Top Down Sweater for me -- I'm bringing a picture to our South Bay Knitters guild meeting to show the teacher (a member of the guild). Posted by Picasa