Monday, April 17, 2006

Dos Finito

A pair of beautiful dresses -- more importantly done! I think it took longer to get this post up than it did to get the dresses done! I finally finished them the weekend before I started my new job. Now armed with the threat of no more time I sat down at the machine and went to work. By Sunday eve I was bent over the dresses hand sewing the sleeve seams (the part where the satin is connected to the sheer), and hand hemming the skirts. The zippers came out, well...crooked, but that was to be expected, me being me and zippers being...hard. The sleeves were definitely the hardest, next was dealing with the sheer/satin combo for the bodice and upper sleeves then the skirt. The zipper is in a class all by itself -- mainly because I have a hard time no matter what, but also because of that sheer/satin double fabric thing going -- it was quite slippery. The girls are wearing their hair pulled back but down, not up in a bun, that should help cover things up. This weekend...a banner.


Cris said...

You always amaze me. These are wonderful.

Cathy said...

Wow, Jocelyn! I'm truely amazed by all your talents. The dresses are beautiful.