Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pink Cashmere

Isn't it lovely? Art Yarns Cashmere 5. Soft, buttery, and oh so pink with subtle hints of tan. Worth falling off the wagon? Almost,... A couple weeks ago I was at a yarn shop in Capitola. I wandered around with a mental inventory of my stash. Everything I touched I either already owned or owned the equivalent. (that's why we're on a yarn diet, remember?) The store is a refurbished house so there are rooms that are interconnected with doorways and hallways. I went round and round looking for something, what I'm not sure. While I was "shopping" a biker dude walked in. I say biker dude so you could have a mental picture, think black leather and boots. He was rather large, older with medium length wavy gray hair. He had a salt and pepper beard. He was looking for yarn for his knitter to make him a very special scarf. It had to be soft. He followed a staff person around who handed him various skeins of soft fluff in deep grays and blues. With each new possibility he shook his head, and continued to follow her around. Meanwhile I had found 2 skeins of this cashmere and held it contemplatively in my hand. He saw me, stopped and said in the softest voice, "That's so beautiful, is there more?" I looked at him and said, "It's pink," knowing what he was looking for himself. He replied, "I know and it's sooo pretty". I tilted my head, "You want this?" He nodded eagerly. I thought about it for a second. Possession is 9/10's and all, by rights it was mine to purchase, all $90 of it. But then the image of a biker dude, this biker dude, going down hwy 1 with a pink cashmere scarf tucked under his leather jacket flashed through my head. Hey, trust me, no one's going to cross this guy over his pink scarf. I smiled, and handed over the skeins.


AlisonH said...

Oh, that's absolutely wonderful! And you still got a photo of it before it was gone. Now if only we could see it on him. (Although, I wonder if he really wanted it for his sweetie for her, to surprise her with?) Did you tell him your blog addy so he could come perhaps tell us later?

Cris said...

I love this story. And yes, you should have let him have it. How perfect!