Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Stash

It's uh, getting a little out of hand. You can't see all the stash in this picture. Most of the stash is in plastic tubs. This is, um, just the new stuff that doesn't fit in the tubs. Basically what happens is I buy yarn, add it to the database, put it in a ziplock bag and throw it into the left side of the stash room. Oh, did I mention I have a stash room? It's a room built in the garage. It's 14'x10' and has 4 book shelves, a big work table, 4 organizers for my rubberstamps (3 of which you can see here) and tubs of yarn and fiber. I used to be able to walk around the work table, which is now also piled high with bags of yarn.
I can't buy more tubs. They won't fit in the stashroom. But I can't get to my rubberstamps w/out wading through the sea of yarn. More importantly I can't find any of the "new" yarn. I needed a "temporary" solution. Something that I can use now that can be easily put away when I don't need them anymore -- you know like when I knit up the yarn in the tubs, right? So I bought a bunch of these. Cute huh? It's a laundry bag (Walgreens). And it pops open to one of these! I needed 8 and I also bought 4 laundry baskets (same idea, different format) for all the yarn on the work table. They hold a lot of yarn -- probably more than a tub and you can stack them, sort of. They're super light (when empty) and you can see through the netting (if you look closely). It kinda solved the problem. At least now I only have to move a few of these as opposed to all the wading. And I found the yarn I was looking for (Sea Silk for a WIC shawl). The next thing to do is figure out what's in each bag/basket, label it and add that "temporary" location to the database.


Vivian said...

I wish I can see your stashroom to truely understand the scope of your stash. Here comes Christmas, and Stitches is right behind.

Carol said...

I like those mesh laundry bags - a great solution to storing yarn. I call my stash area "Ghosts Of Stitches Past".

Jamie said...

If it makes you feel better, I've expanded beyond my stashroom. We have an room attached to the master bedroom at the end of the house; it's about 14' x 14', I'd guess. It has a built-in L-shaped desk in a bump out corner; this holds my sewing machine and various small knickknacks the kids have given me. Three walls have floor to ceiling Closet Dimensions cabinets and/or bookshelves (all designed to hold standard size plastic tubs), and I have an expandable work table in the center of the room (used for cutting/pinning fabric and winding yarn). There are baskets of yarn on the floor that won't fit in the cupboards, piles of books and magazines on the worktables that probably won't fit on the bookshelves, and partial projects everywhere. I've begun off-loading to my laundryroom, which, until now, had plenty of unused storage space.

I feel your pain. I may have to get some of those mesh bags to organize the overflow.

Glad to see you still love pink.

Cris said...

I'm with Vivian, just like the great pyramid in Egypt, you need to see it in person to truely get the scope of it.