Saturday, May 03, 2008

I Make Mistakes

The Yarn Harlot was at the Maker Faire today. When I found out last week that she was coming I bought tickets for the whole family. K and I brought our knitting and enjoyed her talk while L and the hubby checked out the mouse trap.

I was knitting merrily along on my socks and turned a heel while listening and casting sideways glances at K to see if she was enjoying herself (she was). Afterwards we got in line to have her sign my book. I wore my olympic effort and introduced K. I didn't make the blog...but she did.

Later there was a knit-with-the-Harlot event. I had trouble finding it and got there late. I stood in the back and got this shot as she was talking to Jasmin -- can you see Jasmin? -- she's the one with the pink hair. Jasmin also scored some lovely pink handpaint. Better her, than me.

The Harlot finally got a mic and I finally got a seat, but I wasn't paying attention. I was lost in this mess. After the heel I found that I had made a mistake so rather than take out the entire heel, I strategically dropped a few stitches.

And correctly knit them back up. What happened was somewhere before the heel flap I got off by a row (or two) in the pattern -- it's cabled and when cabling you do your crosses on one row and on the following row you rest (knit the knits, purl the purls). I must have crossed when I was suppose to rest, resulting in well...something I couldn't live with. So it had to go.

Other mistakes? Earlier this week I got tripped up at a yarn store and bought yarn (see suckage note on the sidebar). Shortly after that, Webs announce part deux of their 2 month sale and I had a bit of a falling down (how hard will be reported later after the mailman delivers the damage). So at the Maker Faire? Rather than avoid the vendors all together (which I should have) I collected business cards. This doesn't fix the mistake...for which I will pay, dearly...but it's a sure sign that I'm on the road to recovery.


AlisonH said...

The Maker Faire people swore to me that Stephanie was speaking twice, once at 11 and once at 2. I was very sure they were wrong, and headed for 11, bright and early, but clearly not early enough. Coming back after our 2+ hours trying to do a mile and a half or so, there were people backed up on the freeway who must have spent more like 3 hours trying to get there.

I'm so glad you got to go! Thank you for the pictures!

Cris said...

Wow you got to knit with the Harlot. How fun. I hung out with my family. We really enjoyed the faire. I love that you collected cards. I saw fiber I really wanted but didn't pick up a card because I was sure I'd remember the name of the store. But alas, I don't.