Sunday, November 08, 2009

I've been busy...

It has been awhile. It's been so long I'm not sure what I was up to. But it didn't involve finishing up any projects. Until now. Ta-dah!


This is a neckwarmer. I received a kit as a gift when I spent this last weekend with friends at the beach. We all got one and each in our favorite colors -- see how mine goes oh so well with my wardrobe? We even picked up the buttons on our way home at Yarndogs. The yarn was hand dyed by Laura Schickli of Handwerks and if you got here from there then you already know I'll be designing patterns for her Sock Yarn Club next year. Exciting, huh? Anyways -- the neat thing about the neckwarmer is the way you secure it -- check this out:


You get 2 buttons and build a shank with yarn leftover from the project. Make sure one of the buttons can go through your knitting and when you're done pull that button through. You can secure it this way or crossed over with either button on the front. That's it!

I hope it's cold tomorrow!

2009-11-07 16.34.47

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Susan said...

I love your pink neckwarmer.