Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I buy yarn

Posted by Hello Let's face it this whole knitting thing is just a ruse. I just like to buy yarn. I like to walk into yarn shops, look over the books and patterns and yes, fondle the yarn. I like to dream about all the endless possibilities. I like to hold the skein in my hand and think -- what could you be? These are a couple skeins I bought from knitting_chocolate on eBay (when unable to go to a yarn shop, virtual shopping will do in a pinch). They are rayon metallic and beaded rayon both hand dyed from Blue Heron. They are luscious and I hope I don't ruin them by knitting them. I won't get to them soon, but that's a subject of another post. At one skein each they can at most be scarves. I think a long textured one for the rayon seed, which has a nice "cush" to it, but the metallic is begging to be a glimmery, drapey, shawlette.

I have 2 daughters and every year on Mother's Day I get a poem. It's one of those fill-in-the-blanks that they give to grade school children. Here's this year's from my youngest, age 7 (her answers are in italics)

My Mother
by Lindsey

My Mother's name is Jocelyn
She is 40 years old.
She is 50 feet tall and weighs 6.59 pounds.
Her favorite thing to do is
To kint
One thing she does not like to do is
yell at me
My favorite thing to do with my mom is
Go Shopping and go to the moveies
One thing my mom always says to me is
I love you more then 10000000030000 Harts
If I had a magic wand, and could make one wish
come true for my mom, it would be
Own 1000000000000000000000000000000000 yarn stores

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