Monday, July 25, 2005

TKGA Oakland

Aran Cardigan from the Top Down Posted by Picasa This is the result of a class I took this weekend at TKGA's Regional Conference at the Oakland Convention Center. It's knit starting at the saddle, working the back, then the fronts, adding the collar, button band and sleeves. Then you make it up by sewing up the sides and arms. The class was taught by Beth Brown-Reinsel. The conference wasn't nearly as big as Stitches West which up until this year had been held in the same location. However it was very nice, the vendor market had a fine selection of yarns. I like seeing vendors who make up patterns and kits and do inspiring things with yarn. I bought some handpainted yarn, a purse kit and a poncho kit -- all in various shades of pink. I have an obsession with pink -- bigger than my obsession with yarn -- but it probably shows up more there than anywhere else.

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