Monday, September 26, 2005

Swatching something new

Posted by Picasa So there was this sale this weekend at Knitting Arts. Notice I've told you after the sale. The owner decided to close out all Trendsetter yarns. All of them. Including what you see swatched above. It's Blossom. Do you see the green sticker on the ball -- that means I got it at 30% off. All 14 balls. Not that I needed 14. But that's all there was. The swatch is for the green basketweave sweater. It's done in pattern. Can you see the pattern? Of course you can. I only needed 11 for this sweater, but I didn't know that when I bought the yarn and well even if I did I still would have bought all of it, sorry, I was there first.

Right, I know I said I wanted to start the Vogue shrug. No, I haven't cast on for it -- but the skeins are wound. And yes, I am suppose to finish the fair isle -- and I had every intention to do it this weekend, but you know, there was this yarn sale and well I spent the rest of the weekend reading this. There is good news. I'm on the toe of the 2nd sock I was working on. Oh and then there's the afterthought heel still to do.

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Cris said...

Sorry to say that I cannot see the pattern in the swatch. But I do love the colorway.