Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This is what I have so far on the Harry Potter scarf. It's "fake" Mistake Stitch, and it's done by casting on like this ll-(lll-)*12ll. The dashes represent needles out of work. Basically you knit 30 rows, drop the stitches to each side of the NOW and latch up 2 bars at a time. It goes fast and it looks like 1 by 1 rib on one side and kinda sorta like Mistake Rib on the other. I'm going with it since it took me a while to get this far, having ripped it out several times because of mistakes (no pun intended) then the last time because it was too narrow. As you can see it's a pre-HP-4 scarf as the new ones for Goblet of Fire are designed a little differently -- I'm not starting over.
As for Science Camp -- 2 nights down and 2 to go. The See's is holding up and is looking like it's going to last. I've had help from DH and kind offers of help from friends. I think I can manage on my own though. It's weird not having K around. She balances things. The 3 of us are like a chair missing 1 leg. L surprisingly is enjoying all the attention. She did however, spend yesterday afternoon making a "Welcome Home" poster for her sister, I think she misses her too.

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