Thursday, January 19, 2006

Add one more to the pile!

knitting olympic entry Posted by Picasa

Yep I'm doing it. I'm taking the YarnHarlot olympic challenge -- see the button in the sidebar for more info. This is my entry. The Very Luminary Vest -- I picked up the yarn at a new store that opened up in Los Altos during one of their sales. I'm using Dale Fauk (w/ teflon!) and Karaoke for the slip stitch color. I figure I could do this in 16 days -- no sleeves. We'll see.

I am making progress on Noro Mavis. I finished the back and started the front. However, I've done nothing with any of my "old" projects. Nope, not even the stupid fairisle. It's still cold here -- but I'm willing to bet I'll miss my window altogether and it won't fit anyone by next winter. I can't believe I finished it last September and still haven't wove in those ends! Maybe that should be my olympic entry.

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Cris said...

Go Joce go. I'm not doing the Knitting Olympics, but I am in the stands cheering you on!