Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

chocolate cake anyone? Posted by Picasa

I have nothing so I'm trying to distract you with this yummy chocolate caramel cake. Saw a picture in a magazine and commited the thing to memory. All you need is chocolate cake mix, chocolate frosting, caramel frosting and an assortment of caramel/chocolate candies (mini twix, mini milky ways, ghirardelli caramel squares, heath bar bites, rollos, and caramel kisses). Frost the top and middle of the cake with the caramel and the side with chocolate. Fair warning, it's one thing to see this in a magazine, it's quite another live in your kitchen beckoning you to eat it. In a word? Delish!

I baked (duh -- see the cake) all Christmas, cookies mostly but not nearly as much as Cris. I finished the scarves and necklaces on time. No final pix though, you'll just have to take my word for it. I only worked a little on the current socks (on the foot of the 2nd now), plus a few rows on the jester scarf. I'm taking the fairisle to do the ends to my daughters sing-fest tomorrow night in hopes of getting that done. I've got 2 new projects I'm packing up for this weekend's knitting retreat (the Vogue shrug and a Noro sweater) and I'll be taking 3 of the current projects and a ball of sock yarn (Trekking XXL) in case I feel like starting a new pair of socks.

The new year really doesn't start until the "retreat". This is an annual pilgrimage, if you will, with my knitting group (we meet every month on 4th Thursdays at a local yarn shop), and it's set in a rustic lodge in the Santa Cruz mountains. We start the weekend with a yarn crawl and we spend the weekend well...knitting. Someone cooks our meals and there's a staff that takes care of everything else. Besides the 6 knitting projects I'll be packing my walking shoes and a book or 2. It's meant to be stress free so I'm looking forward to it!

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