Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Sweater for Marisol

I took the Top Down Sweaters class at Yarndogs and produced a knit to fit sweater for my daughter's Amercian Girl doll Marisol. All you needed were 2 measurements, a few calculations based on your gauge swatch (or whatever the ball band says) and you're good to go! As you can see it fits perfectly!

I've got to start something new. Maybe a Top Down Sweater for me -- I'm bringing a picture to our South Bay Knitters guild meeting to show the teacher (a member of the guild). Posted by Picasa


Cris said...

pitLOL. You make the top-down process sound so simple. Although not hard, simple is not how I would describe it. But you're very quick and it probably was simple for you.

Vivian said...

The sweater looks so cute on the doll. I made a top down sweater for Henry when he was little, pattern was from one of the Paton booklet I think. The sweater is still floating among my friends with younger boys.