Thursday, August 09, 2007

Everybody Need Socks

These feet belong to an American Girl doll. Cute socks, eh? They were made by a friend of mine. This is what you can make with your leftover sock yarn.

Speaking of sock yarn. I'm back on the wagon. The Knit From Your Stash wagon that is. Went to Yarndogs to beef up my needle collection and came home with another ball of sock yarn. By the looks of things next year I'll have to do a KFYSS and knit up all the sock yarn the KFYS resulted in -- or SFYS for all the fiber I've purchased in lieu of yarn. Oh and while I'm at it I should do a KFYB for all the knitting books I've acquired.

So what have I been up to? Well,...I got sucked into the MS3 vortex. I dug out some nice laceweight wool/alpaca blend from jaggerspun and bought beads. I swatched, cast-on, knit through 1/2 of clue 1 and frogged the whole thing. I did the swatch w/ US4's and it looked fine, but when I started the pattern it was looking as good. The yarn over's weren't defined enough so I took a trip to the frog pond and dropped a couple needle sizes which looks much better. I've started clue 2, but here's a picture of clue 1:
I'm not in a hurry, clue 6 will be posted tomorrow. From clue 5 on the design is asymetrical. I don't know what I want to do about that so I'll knit through clue 4 and see how things are looking before I decide. Instructructions for symetrical options went up today. Being on the slow side kinda defeats the purpose of the "mystery", but it sure has its advantages.


Vivian said...

I have been reading up on another blogger's MS3. Sounds like fun and the stole looks very elegant.

Cris said...

Totally beautiful!!!