Monday, September 03, 2007

The Last Straw

You know the one? The one that broke the camel's back? This would be that one. What we have here is 10 sks of cascade -- 9 of which I bought for 3 pairs of felted clogs. The 10th being, um free because if you buy 10 sks of cascade you get 10% off the lot making one essentially free. And there's the 3 miscellaneous balls, one for each of the clogs for "interest". Now, I could justify this, watch, it's a stretch, but since clogs are for your feet, they could pass for very thick socks therefore the purchase would be exempt from KFYS, because, it's sock yarn! Even the extra skein, the pink one at the top, would be fine because it was a "gift" (w/ purchase). However, do you see that little bitty shiny skein at the bottom -- the glossy, laceweight, yes that's the one...that's the last straw. There's no justifying it. This lovely thing from Schaefer Yarns, Andrea, is 100% silk in colorway Margaret Mead. This cutie pie is contraband all the way -- even my anniverssary around the corner couldn't save this little outlaw. Because, although my hubby gifted me with a yarn card, it's for a different store. So even though I could buy even more yarn (which I did) with that card (some beautiful laceweight, 100% soy silk from Conjoined Creations, thank you very much), I couldn't lump this little guy with that -- I could but it wouldn't be just stretching the truth, it would be a flat out lie.
I give up. Just in time for a sale...yay, me!


KityKath said...

Wow ! You will sure be busy! You remind me of my Mom, who sort of drives me crazy with all her unfinished projects. ;) But in a good way...! I just love the beads on the shawl. Can't wait to see more pictures of what comees next. MUST go finish Hal's hat and start her scarf for her bday (9)! Bya, -kittykath

Cris said...

If you are feeling really bad about that one skein, you could always give it to me. ROFL