Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chatelaines, Bead Soup and a WiP

I went to the Lace Museum in Sunnyvale for their bi-annual sale.  I didn't find any old lace, but I did find a nice set of hooks.  They came in a box attached to a huge lobster clasp and nothing else.  I suppose they're meant to be attached to a chatelaine but I just wanted to hang them from my wrist. 
So I made a bracelet with my bead soup and coordinating glass beads.  Bead soup?  Yes,  start with various sizes and shapes of seed beads in whatever color(s) you like and mix them in a container to use with other coordinating glass beads.  Each time you use your bead soup for a project you toss in the leftover beads.  Over time you get a really nice mix, and the cool thing is everything you make with the bead soup matches!
I made the scissor fob awhile ago from the same bead soup.  I originally designed it with a loop so I could pin it to my pillow, but it works really well as a ring chatelaine.  Pretty too.
Before you think I have weird sleeping habits (pinning scissors to my pillow?), this is what I mean by pillow.  It's a bobbin lace pillow, one of many that I have, it's covered at the moment.  Maybe not on this pillow but over the years I've made a few pieces of lace.
Bedfordshire bookmarks and a motif.  The motif, designed by Louise Colgan (my teacher), features a single leaf (lower bottom right) that represents my 500th.  As a bobbin lacemaker 1000 leaves is suppose to be some big milestone.  I've been lacing for over 10 years and well I'm just over the hump I guess.
Here's a Milanese piece (also designed by Louise) made with Gutermann silk, Madeira metallic and beads!

So what's under the cover on my pillow?
Another Bedfordshire piece.  It's Floral Bedfordshire simlar to the bookmarks above.  The bobbins along the top are my throw-outs (I'm lazy).  The bobbins along the bottom are my working bobbins.  I'm almost done!  If you're wondering how long this stuff takes, I don't know, in general. I do know it takes *me* awhile. 
The dogwood flower took about 3 years and I started this piece in 2009. I expect to finish it this year.  YMMV

This is my first submission to WiP Wednesday, does lace count?


omlair said...

thanks so much for sharing and welcome to WIP Wednesday!!

I was looking at your pictures before I read your post and I though, "surely she didn't make those" and then I found out you did!! Absolutely stunning!! Can't wait to see more :D

teacatweaves said...

Yes, lace certainly counts for WIP Wednesday! Love the Milanese flower - good work!.

I am working on the Twisted Stitch scarf from the Shop Hop....

Kim Sonksen said...

Oh WOW - I am in awe. What amazing work you do. I would not have the patience but the end product is well worth it.
And lace counts all the way on WIp Wednesdays!

Andria said...

Wow, that lace is amazing! It must require such attention to detail.

Heather said...

Those are pretty nifty projects. I like the hooks and the scissors.

Kathryn Ray said...

Wow, the lace is amazing... not sure which is my favorite.

Cris said...

You are absolutely amazing!!!

Jamie Wang said...

The lace is SO impressive!

Years ago when we were in Italy, we visited an island near Milano known for its lace. We went to a small museum and saw an amazing array of laces in many different styles, some dating back hundreds of years. With the help of our translator, I spoke to a few women who were making small lace pieces and bought one each of several different styles. They have been on display in my craft room ever since.

Although I have knit some lace and done some drawn thread embroidery, I can't imagine doing something as intricate and time consuming as you have. Kudos!

Vivian said...

Looks like it takes a million bobbins and a million hours to make lace, but they come out so pretty!

Shannon said...

Oh my that lace looks so precise and delicate! That is just amazing!