Friday, March 02, 2012

Stitches West Stash Enhancement

Rather than bore you with the endless parade of pink yarn here's my yarn purchases at Stitches West 2012.  It's a big market and if you don't focus it could be very dangerous.  With the stash as big as it is I really didn't need anything so I only bought what I couldn't pass up.
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Like the bag of 10 Ella Rae Classic Heathers -- $4.50 a ball! Gotta love diving in that Woolstock bin.  And the 1.22lbs of handpainted dk superwash?  Always a good deal to be had at Newton's.  Best buy of the show, the Fabel sock yarn at Nordic Mart, normally $4.25 for a 50g ball (insane!), it was on sale all weekend at $3.55 a ball!  I actually got other colors (12 balls total) but I haven't taken pictures of it yet.

I did branch out a little on the fiber though.
Here we have some Knitted Wit wool/silk and WSK merino s/w -- sooo soft and fluffy.

And I could NOT pass up this wild thing:
I mean seriously it's bright! BFL from Blue Moon. Very, very, very neon.

And then I always get a kit from the lovely ladies at Continental Stitch:
I know it's pink.  I swear they must think of me when they put this stuff together!

And of course I added this to my spindle collection:
It's a turkish spindle and a support bowl from KCL Woods.  The bowl unscrews from the base so you can screw it onto the handle and make it a lap bowl.

That's all for me on Fiber Arts Friday!  Party On!

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Kathryn Ray said...

That's a whole lotta pink. ;-)

I really like that Blue Moon roving. Nice choice. :-)

Vivian said...

The booth I bought the glass buttons had a bunch of spindles with glass ornaments (or at least I think they are spindles). They are so pretty.

Think we'll do a show and tell in the next meeting?

Melissa said...

Wow...quite a haul. Lovely fibers...seveal of the companies I'm not familiar with so "Thanks", now I'll have to check them out.

WonderWhyGal said...

Wowza! You had a lot of fun according to all the goodies you bought. Love the roving.

AllyB said...

I really like the Blue Moon fiber, great colors and you can't go wrong with BFL. I'm guessing you like pink ;)

Karen said...

Beautiful stuff. I like how you steered toward the pinks! Next year I'll have to have a plan.

Jess Schleicher said...

Love your color choices!

Cris said...

Love the spindle! My colors LOL.