Monday, February 04, 2013

Manic Monday: Goals for 2013

In 2009 I over committed myself with 2 conventions in 2010 and burnt myself out.  Ever since I've taken things one thing at a time.  So while everyone was making up their goals in January, I spent the month reflecting over the past year.  Last year I tried to do 12in2012, only projects completed with yarn purchase prior to 2012 counted.  My official count? 6.  This year I've set my sights lower and opted for the Underachievers goal of 6.5 things for 2013.  At least I know it's doable.  I did get other stuff done, but they were done with yarn purchased in 2012.
Now that 2013 is well underway, all the yarn that I bought in 2012 is now fair game!  I've started to mark my new purchases with the red badge of shame:
A 2013 branding on the bag with a red sharpie.  This yarn is verboten, but I doubt that will stop me, it just won't count towards the 6.5 things.
Projects I want to start so bad I've added them to my Ravelry projects as wips even though I've yet to cast them on.

1) Celestarium, in Handwerks So-Soft-Sock, it'll be a great project to have at Stitches West.
2) Lucy Hat
3) Downton Abbey KAL for gauntlets -- never did get started.
4) Infinity Twist scarf
Samples I have to knit by Stitches West to have at the Handwerk's booth #1336:

1) Giant Kelp scarf in Cabled 8
2) Drunken Path scarf in So Soft Sock
3) Canyon River sock in Super Twist
4) Mesquite Flat in Super Twist, sock pattern, but I may do a mitt...
5) Start Celestarium to work on while in the booth
WiPs 23, 3 of which I have no intention of casting on until the end of Feb (after Stitches).

2013 FO's: 2 ( only 1 counts towards 6.5 in 2013)

1) Color Affection started mid year 2012 (see last post)
2) a headphone cover with leftover sock yarn, while it's a fo, stash wasn't reduced by much.
General goal for 2013 is to knit more, spin more, weave more and buy LESS.  We'll see how that goes.

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Vivian said...

Have you met Audrey, the proud designer of Celestarium? She works at Green Planet, till Feb 15 any way, and is super cool.