Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To Pool or Not to Pool

I'm a little behind.  I'll talk more about my other WiPs (a running 20) another time.  Today I want to show you this:
This is how my Downton Abbey MKAL started out.  I didn't like the way the colors were pooling and the gauge was off anyways.  So I frogged down to the provisional caston and switched to smaller needles.  Here's how the colors stacked up after one repeat of the pattern:IMAG0975
And after two:
I like this much better than the swirl.  Some knitters participating in the KAL didn't like how you couldn't see the lace pattern, but I like how the lace pattern breaks up the colors into stiped blocks. 

That's it for me, it's WiP Wednesday so be sure to check out what other fiber artists are up to at Tami's Amis!


Karen said...

That looks great! Isn't it amazing how gauge makes such a huge different in fit and the way the colors fall.

autumngeisha said...

What a difference between the first photo and the second. I really like how the colors and pattern is looking after you made the gauge adjustment.

Heather said...

Those colors are really nice! It's always amazing to me how a slight gauge adjustment can make such a big difference.

Jessica Powers said...

I love how different people respond to pooling in different ways - and for different projects how it changes! Looks like you've sussed a good response to your yarn that you like, which is pure knitting goodness!

stefanie g-r said...

I agree, I like the way your second try is knitting up! That's going to be very pretty!