Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hitting up the LYS

So it turns out the Yarndogs closed for personal reasons, not business.  They were actually doing fine.  Still sad to see them go.  And with only 5 local yarn stores left I thought I'd visit one and a couple a bit beyond.
I went to my beloved GPY shortly after the Yarndogs closing -- my knit group meets there and while I was showing other knitters examples of the colorful magic that is Madelinetosh, I fell into a bin of a colorway I couldn't resist!  I wasn't planning on buying anything, but then again, I never am.  Like I always say, my favorite color is pink and my next favorite is rainbow.

I work in the East Bay close to Pleasanton, so I thought I'd drop by Knit This! Purl That!  What a cute store!  I had never been, seeing as I've only been working out here for just over a year and all that time before there were all these other yarn stores closer by.  It's really easy to get to and has convenient hours so I think it'll be my go-to lunchtime place.  I remember working near Bobbins Nest and going there for lunch.  There's a nice coffee place in the same center that makes great quiches.  I'll have to explore the food offerings near KTPT, but downtown Pleasanton looks promising.  I bought a new to me colorway of Crazy Zauberball in a purply-denim, and some laceweight Freia.
This last long weekend I visited another fav, The Golden Fleece in Santa Cruz.  We live just off 17 this side of the hill so we like to go down early and have breakfast in Santa Cruz or thereabouts.  We cruised down hwy 1 and made our way to Gayle's then back towards 17 to hit GF.  I got some Liberty in a nice pastel colorway and some HPKY in a not so pastel colorway!

And the best for last, since it's WiP Wednesday I leave you with this, I brought my Josephine mitts with me and knit on them a bit while I waited for GF to open.  Taken before I finished the thumb, I still have to start the other mitt.


steph said...

how lucky for you to be so close to so much fiber!!!! those mitts are amazing!!! off to queue them!!!

Vivian said...

We have Liberty Wool too!

I don't understand how we can't support all the shops in the valley either. There are something like 14 shops in Portland metro area. But then when we did the shop hop some of the places didn't look like they'd survive, and they didn't.

Kathryn Ray said...

I love that yarn in the first pic.