Thursday, June 30, 2005

SEX in Seattle

That's Stash Enhancement eXpedition to you perverts. This is scarf yarn purchased from So Much Yarn. The cool thing about this acquisition was that it was all 50% off!!! The left one is a scarf for Lindsey and the right is one for Kelsey. This is what they get for yarn shopping with me -- sit quietly while Mommy shops and I'll make you a nice scarf!
This is what I got for myself at So Much Yarn. Some yummy kid mohair and a pattern for a shawl. My two favorite shops so far are this one and Hilltop. Mostly for atmosphere and selection. So Much Yarn had a nice cozy area to knit. Hilltop was a very quaint looking shop with different rooms to view the yarns. I snagged some Opal sock yarn along with the buttons while there!
I also went to Weaving Works where I bought the small spindle below along with some undyed yarn (not pictured). You can get nearly everything fiber related here. Knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving supplies. They had lots of fiber and coned yarns and a large selection of knitting/crochet yarn. Then I went to Acorn Street Shop which I'm most familiar with since they always come down to the Bay Area for Stitches West. By this time I've had my fill of yarn buying and instead bought a Mt. Rainier spindle by Cascade (larger spindle). It was nice to see their shop which was very well stocked. Days later after coming down from the 4-yarn-shops-in-one-day high, I had a desperate need to find just one more shop -- we ended up in Bothell on a Sunday afternoon (it was the only shop I could find open as my husband made a constraint that I could not go back over the lake and we were in Bellevue). Columbine Yarns is located in Country Village, a very nice shopping center complete with a train for the kids to ride -- see in order to take kids yarn shopping you have to convince them that they'll have fun too. It was a small shop with limited inventory -- however I did find the fiber pictured with the spindles. Three more Seattle shops that I wish I visited Yarn Gallery, Fiber Gallery and Wooly Monkey. The real bummer was while I was in Bellevue the shop Skeins Ltd was closing! I missed their close out sale by one freaking day!!! Wah! For reference, I had my Knitter's Shopfinder in tow (never leave home w/o it) and searched the web for yarn-sites -- btw, this is a great site listing for Seattle area shops I'm safely home still discovering shops in my own neighborhood and beyond -- but to all the knit shops I missed in the Seattle area I say (in my deepest Arny accent) "I'll be back".

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