Friday, June 03, 2005

More Yarn

Posted by Hello Here are 2 of my latest acquisitions. Both from Over The Rainbow an eBay Store. I love the vibrancy this vendor has to offer. The one on the left is a rayon/silk blend and the on the right is a s/w merino and will be socks for dang sure! Stuff like this enters my house on a weekly basis and piles up in the stash room. I can't help myself. I see the yarn and I must have it! Even when I have no chance of knitting all that I have I still go and buy more! It's a disease and it afflicts many. Did you think I'd be one of those who only buys what she needs and not another until that project is done? Who does this? All the knitters I know have a stash. And me? I have miles -- literally -- if unravelled end to end it would stretch from San Jose to Los Angeles. That's over 300 miles. Lets consider that one sweater would take about 1 mile. That's 300 sweaters. That's the size of my stash. But yet-I-still-buy-more-yarn. Just can't stop really. Not that I want too ;)

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