Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's not all Pink

While I do tend to buy (and knit!) lots of pink -- not all my yarn has pink in it.

Okay, well so my stash is mostly pink. -- but hey at least anything I make from it will match the stuff in my closet -- which if it isn't pink it goes really well with pink!

Meanwhile I am working on finishing the fairisle -- the last of the 2001 projects. You hafta wonder why these guys got left behind. There were 3 altogether. A pair of socks, the Ironstone Cardigan and the Debbie Bliss fairisle. I looked back at my various knitting journals and found that nothing, well just about nothing, got done in 2002. I'm not sure I even started anything in 2002. I'm willing to bet I didn't buy much yarn in 2002. Why? That's the year we moved. That's the year my stash was packed away and kept at a storage site along with furniture and whatever else we needed to put away to show the old house and later even more stuff that didn't fit in the apartment we rented in between homes. It was moved into the new house only to return to a smaller storage site when dd#2 wanted her own room. :O It finally came back to the new house later that year? -- I think, or was it the next year...into it's own storage room built specifically for it. And yes, the interior of the "stash" room is painted pink -- well more lilac with mauve trim.

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