Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Not the Harlot

I'm suffering from lack of Yarn Harlot posts, so here's 10 reasons why I'm no substitute for the Harlot.

She has a following, she gets almost 100 comments after each post sometimes more. Me I get 0, big goose egg, although I do know one person who regularly reads my blog besides me -- at least she says so -- hi, Cris!

She's funny. Maybe because she just dives in when she knits she's more prone to "funny" things happening. Me, I'm not nearly as adventurous, but funny and not so funny things do happen -- just not as much.

She's prolific. It seems she casts on and finishes something nearly everyday. I just toil over my measley 5-6 projects. Plus she gets in way more blog entries -- how she can knit all that stuff AND write about it is beyond me.

She has 3 daughters. I have 2. Although mine are younger, however they are of school age and they can feed and clothe themselves. I did teach them to knit at 5, but it really didn't stick until 7. They don't knit regularly but when handed knitting needles they pretty much know what to do (well there was the time they used them as weapons for their Barbies -- this after seeing the movie Charlies Angels -- not good).

She's got (at least) 2 jobs. I have one.

She's actually designed stuff. I've modified a pattern or two.

She's published. I have yet to write full sentences in my own journal.

And the last 3 things I think I have on her...

She's younger and thinner, but I'm taller -- that should count for something. Okay, maybe not. How about this. I'm way more organized -- all my stash is stored in a database. It's kept in plastic tubs with a spreadsheet listing what's inside, all in a stash room that contains what I'm not currently working on. The room itself is 10'x14' and was built by my hubby and his dad in our 3 (now 2 - okay well 1) car garage. My friends and family think I'm nuts.

She spins and knits. I weave, make bobbin lace, and jewelery/beads besides spin and knit. I'm not sure this is a net positive, maybe I'm just spread way too thin.

I don't do laundry. The trick is I'm far more unpleasant if I have to do laundry -- so unpleasant my hubby just does it. There's a downside to this but I'm just not that particular about wrinkled, spotted clothing.

Why the comparison? Not because I aspire to *be* her. I just want to come close.


knitdragon said...

Well you may not be the Yarn Harlot, but you are awsome! The projects you do are amazing.

The real funny thing is, I read your blog today and then read the The Yarn Harlot. Then I decided to go back and leave a comment on your blog. And what did I find, you had updated it and there was a new post to read. It said you never got comments. Well you do now. I guess I need to read faster LOL.

stephanie said...

I'm a little late to the party, but I have to tell you that being taller totally counts for a lot.
I've always wanted to be taller.