Monday, February 27, 2006

Knitting Olympics Results

This is where I was Saturday. I had finished the body and separated for the back earlier in the week. By Saturday night I had finished the back entirely, and was ready to start the right front.
By 7pm Sunday evening, I had finished both right and left fronts with armhole and neck opening shaping and joined the shoulder seams. The flame was out by then (although it hadn't been televised here yet).
By then end of closing ceremonies (as per our broadcasting schedule) I had picked up and knitted the bands for the arms. It was late and as I was admiring my work I realized that I was short one row on the left armband.

Reflecting I knew that I wouldn't finish by closing ceremonies. I kept going anyways to see how far I'd get. It wasn't until I had finished the armbands that I realized I couldn't finish it even if I wanted to. I hadn't bought the buttons!

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Cris said...

Well you might not get the gold, but for sure the silver. It looks great Joc.