Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stitches Part 1: The Haul

Recently I ordered some baskets from Longaberger. They arrived just before Stitches West so I thought I'd show off the treasures I gathered at the Stitches Market along with my new baskets -- it was a good excuse to play with both!
Carry Along basket with Kidmo/Rio Swirly Wrap kit and Socks that Rock both from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. This was my favorite booth by far. The Socks that Rock came in such brilliant colors and in 3 different weights. They even gave away mini skeins of StR labelled, "Emergency Sock yarn Don't leave home without it."
Medium Gathering basket with Noro Kureyon, Gedifra Gigante from Woolstock (both half off the entire bag of 10) and Streakers in Sad Song Pink from La Lana Wools, not a bargain but I specifically wanted this yarn for a shrug in the latest Interweave Knits. Small Serving Tray with the long discontinued (and discounted!) Gedifra Byzanz (7 balls total, 2 unlabelled in a diffrent dyelot), purchased from Yarn Express and Blue Heron Rayon Seed from Amazing Yarns. Spin basket with Beaded Merino Tencel and Merino/Silk/Angora from Angora Cottage and Duet (kid mohair/fine wool) from Brooks Farm Yarn.Brownie basket with Zukii Designs Bloom and Tokyo introduced by Yarndogs.

Plus, I won a door prize! Have fun clicking all the links!

Up next Stitches West Part 2: The Classes


Cris said...

Great haul. Loved the baskets and the yarn.

Cathy Ryan said...

Absolutely love the pictures and that you included the links! Congratulations on your prize!! You look great in the postcard picture.

Jamie said...

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who did some serious shopping at Stitches. I also fell for the Blue Moon product line. Last night I finished my class projects (a pair of Norwegian mittens, a felted/mitered purse, a reversible piece of mitered patchwork, and an Estonian sampler (made into a "vase")), so today I'm starting to play with the new stuff. Hope to see you more frequently this year.