Friday, February 03, 2006

Things to do in 2006

1. knit more
2. spin more
3. weave more
4. dye?
5. weave clan tartan (I already have the necessary colors in zephyr)
6. attend Highland Games
7. drink Irn Bru

What the?

I've decided to join Team Scotland for the Knitting Olympics. Having just missed an opportunity to try haggis, I only qualify by marriage -- actually I cohabitate with a total of 3 persons of scottish descent. Of course anyone can join really -- I mean who doesn't know a line or two from Auld Lang Syne? And besides if you join the team you get to display this button (click his bum for details).

As an addendum, as if the above button wasn't enough, I found this via ChicKnits -- I'd give you a direct link to generate your own (you must have a blog to do it) but that would ruin all the fun.

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