Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's Like Playing Horseshoes


It's the end of another weekend I'm here just at the thumb. 

So close, but I'm calling it because well, Friday night looked like this.


Do you see it?  I didn't notice until I had finished the top hem (and yes cut the thread) and tried them on.  The left one looked a little, um, short? So what happened?  I think it was when I messed up on the thumb gusset and kept going on with the increases.  When I went to fix it I probably got off track on the chart.  The left is one diamond short.

I couldn't face it Friday night so the next morning I did this.


Immediately followed by this.

And spent the rest of the weekend getting back to the first picture.  So I'm calling it done (even when I still have the thumb to go -- which is where I was Friday night), it's close enough and really will be tomorrow.

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