Monday, October 07, 2013

Manic Monday: Waylaid

I was on a finishing spree, and was hoping by Monday I'd have a "Done and Done" post.  First up was to be Clandestine started for a CookieA KAL 3 (that's THREE) years ago. Close, finished the weekend at the toe.  I had cast on the mate immediately after finishing the toe of the first sock. As quickly as the second sock is going I don't know what really made the first one go so slow.  Was it the US 0 needles?  The intricate 14 row lace and twisted stitch pattern?  The dark yarn (with a name like Clandestine, they must be done in dark yarn, right)?  The 18-20 things I had on other needles. Whatever, but I love how they look.  The texture, the fit, the elegant lace.  Second sock is slightly looser in gauge, which is always an issue with me.  These have been claimed by dd #1.

So what happened?  Ravelry, that's what happened.  They finally added a "fiber" category for stash and a flow to handspun yarn, yay!  Ugh.  I started entering my fiber and quickly got lost down that rabbit hole. The good thing though is that now I see how much I really have -- and what's up isn't all of it by half!  Which means I gotta get busy because when this is spun it gets added to my already too big yarn stash. Double ugh.

I'm also nearly done with my Josephine mitts, just the top and the thumb to go (see bottom of previous post here).  But it's been that way for weeks.

Then there's Celestarium, and the Whovian scarf I want to start (what am I thinking, I don't even have the yarn for this yet), and a weaving project (for which I do have the yarn, but can't find)'s just another Manic Monday.

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