Monday, April 16, 2012

Manic Monday: Done and Done

Last Monday I had a bag to felt, some mitts to seam and pj pants to sew.  If you saw my Fiber Arts Friday/FO Friday post you already know that the bag felted and the mitts are done!  All I had left was the pj pants.  As you know Sunday is my Funday, but it's really my Get'r-done-day!  I started out the morning cleaning up the kitchen.  That done, I had to sort through things I need for my new job (books mostly).  By 11am I was ready to pull out the machines. 
Here's my cabinet that holds both my sewing machine and serger.  I opened it up and started to setup the machines the cabinet seemed a little tippy. 
Uh, oh.  That's not good.  I think the easiest way to reattach this was to empty the cabinet, tip it on it's side and screw the wheel back in.  Of course, I didn't do that.  Instead I tried to screw it in from the bottom using a very thin wire gauge/cutter as a monkey wrench.  Well, screwing it in from the bottom meant I was turning it the wrong way, which I did twice.  By noon, I was getting hungry so I stopped and had a little lunch.  After my blood sugars settled I sat on the floor played with the thing it screwed into (that metal circle thingy in the picture on the right) and focused on which way I should be turning things (I know, I know, righty-tighty -- but that's only if your right side up).  By 1pm it was fixed.  And by 4pm I had these:
Yay! Sew Easy Pajama Pants, pattern by Taylor Made Designs.  The fabric is pretty cute, one leg is ballet slippers and the other is ballet terminology.  I cut everything out on Friday.  These pants are pretty easy and booklet gives very good instructions (which I don't follow, but I've read through them).  This is the third pair of pj pants that I've made.  All between jobs!  This time I used some pretty ribbon from my ribbon stash.
Nice right?  The best part of it is, it was given to me.  My aunt (mom's twin) used to work in a fabric/craft store.  You wouldn't believe the price tags on these.  The one I used was dated 1985.  I don't sew that often (I had to read the manual to figure out how to do buttonholes), but I learned a long time ago so the skills are ingrained.  When I cut the pants out I used the remaining fabric for a bag I've been wanting to make.  So, since I had time, and everything was all setup, after dinner I made this:
It's a Grab Bag!  I saw it on a WiP Wednesday post and had to make it.  You can too, the pattern is free from AllPeopleQuilt(.com).  It took me the rest of the evening and of course I only loosely followed the directions (just love doing things the hard way), great pattern, nice diagrams.  As you can see, the ballerina has claimed it.  Now I gotta make mine!  That's it for me on this Manic Monday.  Do you sew, or knit, crochet, weave, spin AND blog about it?  Then tell me what you did this weekend or what you're gonna get done this week! 

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Keri said...

At some point I will start sewing. i really have to. I have a machine and everything!

Carol said...

Wow! Great job! So impressed with what you have accomplished. I remember making pj pants with my daughters when they were in high school.