Monday, April 23, 2012

Manic Monday: Keeping Track

This weekend Handwerks had a Trunk Show at The Golden Fleece in Santa Cruz. 
It was hot and I think everyone was at the beach, or elsewhere outdoors, but many of the faithful showed up for The Golden Fleece's 1 year anniversary.  I came away with a couple of my now favorite (it must be, I have so much of it) Handwerks Silky Sock in Ruby and Sundown (the ruby is a bit more redder than pictured), and a license frame for my "trouble".  I sold several Giant Kelp patterns and Laura sold some yarn and left a bunch with Gunilla to stock the store.  All in all, despite missing the beach, it was a great day to spend in a yarn store.

I've been thinking of my Manic Monday post all week.  This being Knit and Crochet Blog Week, I wanted to contribute something useful or inspiring on Monday, but the topic is color and do you really want to hear me wax poetic on pink, again?  So, instead I thought I'd take the wild card topic, "Craft Your Perfect Day" and what would that perfect day be without the five things that take the Manic out of my Monday, the things I need to stay organized, focused and above all inspired.

They are:
1) Ravelry.  What did I do before Ravelry?  I had a database for my projects, yarn and fiber stash and maybe a few "lists" in Excel.  But now, I don't know how I'd keep things sane w/o Ravelry.  I have my yarn stash, projects, queue and library all in Ravelry.  It took months to get all the yarn up and my library is almost up-to-date.  I try to keep up with new acquisitions because one of the best things about Raverly isn't so much the database of what I have and what I'm doing, but what I COULD be doing with what I have.  Yup, what I truly love about Ravelry is that pattern browser and advance search.  With two clicks, I can not only search for patterns for yarn I already have, I can search for patterns that I actually own!  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  There are all of you, Ravelers, who's projects I've consulted and admired, who's patterns I've purchased, who's groups I lurk and unlurk.

2) A digital camera.  I use the one on my phone because not only does it take decent pictures, I can upload directly to the internet.  Enough said.

3) Flickr.  This ties the camera on my phone with my account on Ravelry.  I store all my yarn and project pictures on flickr, and yes, I pay for it.  I gain nothing by promoting the goodness I derive from using flickr, but it's been an insdispensible tool for storing and retrieving pictures for Ravelry and of course, this blog.

4) My blog and the blogosphere.  A journal to record my successes and failures, a springboard for inspiration.  Your comments and above all your posts show me that I am not alone.

5) My computer and the Internet without which, the other four things would be moot.

My perfect day would involve these five things, oh and a little bit of knitting.

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Shannon said...

Yes! I agree those 5 are extremely valuable. They help me keep my projects organized and also help me share and interact with the knitting community. It was great reading a Wildcard KCBW post - thank you!

teacatweaves said...

Ok, Manic Monday is a recap of my whole weekend this week!