Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's Like Playing Horseshoes


It's the end of another weekend I'm here just at the thumb. 

So close, but I'm calling it because well, Friday night looked like this.


Do you see it?  I didn't notice until I had finished the top hem (and yes cut the thread) and tried them on.  The left one looked a little, um, short? So what happened?  I think it was when I messed up on the thumb gusset and kept going on with the increases.  When I went to fix it I probably got off track on the chart.  The left is one diamond short.

I couldn't face it Friday night so the next morning I did this.


Immediately followed by this.

And spent the rest of the weekend getting back to the first picture.  So I'm calling it done (even when I still have the thumb to go -- which is where I was Friday night), it's close enough and really will be tomorrow.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Manic Monday: Waylaid

I was on a finishing spree, and was hoping by Monday I'd have a "Done and Done" post.  First up was to be Clandestine started for a CookieA KAL 3 (that's THREE) years ago. Close, finished the weekend at the toe.  I had cast on the mate immediately after finishing the toe of the first sock. As quickly as the second sock is going I don't know what really made the first one go so slow.  Was it the US 0 needles?  The intricate 14 row lace and twisted stitch pattern?  The dark yarn (with a name like Clandestine, they must be done in dark yarn, right)?  The 18-20 things I had on other needles. Whatever, but I love how they look.  The texture, the fit, the elegant lace.  Second sock is slightly looser in gauge, which is always an issue with me.  These have been claimed by dd #1.

So what happened?  Ravelry, that's what happened.  They finally added a "fiber" category for stash and a flow to handspun yarn, yay!  Ugh.  I started entering my fiber and quickly got lost down that rabbit hole. The good thing though is that now I see how much I really have -- and what's up isn't all of it by half!  Which means I gotta get busy because when this is spun it gets added to my already too big yarn stash. Double ugh.

I'm also nearly done with my Josephine mitts, just the top and the thumb to go (see bottom of previous post here).  But it's been that way for weeks.

Then there's Celestarium, and the Whovian scarf I want to start (what am I thinking, I don't even have the yarn for this yet), and a weaving project (for which I do have the yarn, but can't find)'s just another Manic Monday.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Yarn (and Cookie) Crawl

PicsArt_1380752317606Maybe it's because a yarn store in Capitola was kitty corner to Gayle's bakery for so long (2 actually, different shops, same location) that I have no problem associating yarn with special treats.  I mean yarn is a special treat right?  But the SLO Yarn Crawl had sweet treats at nearly every corner.  The crawl was officially Sept 21-22, Saturday and Sunday, 5 shops in San Luis Obispo county.  I didn't go down until early Saturday morning, buy my Aunt and her friend went to a special talk by Alchemy's Gina Wilde at the new location (new owners too) of Cambria's Ball and Skein Friday evening.  On their way they hit up Red Moose Cookie -- this is a hidden gem that I've yet to try and find, but you should hunt it down, judging from the packages they took home.

I arrived late Saturday morning and was wisked away to Pismo Beach to have our passports stamped at Eileen's Treasures.  I came away with a skein of blue handpainted sock yarn, its twin purchased by my Aunt.  At the next stop, Nordic Yarn Mart I picked up some woody rose colored long striping yarn.  Yarns at the Adobe is also in San Luis Obispo where I snagged a sk of pink sport wt, plus a copy of IW's Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits, but don't leave SLO without going down the street and around the corner to Cowboy Cookie where not only can you get the second best chocolate chip peanut butter cookie (Gayle's has the best), you can also get an ice cream cookie sandwich!  The cookies are large here, so remember, they do offer a 1 cookie sandwich where they cut a single cookie in half.  Three shops down and we had to get back to Cambria.

I love the new location and layout of Ball and Skein.  They had a great selection and I won a door prize!  I bought a Gina Wilde book and had her sign it plus one I brought and I got 2 skeins of the new Rowan Fine Art -- in a tawny colorway.  I also got IW's Unofficial Harry Potter Knits.  Now I've already mentioned Red Moose, but if you miss that, then head towards Cayucos to The Brown Butter Cookie company where the second you enter you are assailed with the aroma of butter and invited to taste every cookie they bake. I think the original brown butter cookie is my fav, but the espresso bean one is a close second, there's also cocoa, citrus, coconut lime and a mint cocoa gluten-free cookie.

UntitledWe saved Ranch Dog Knitting for Sunday so that I can just head back north from there.  This is one of the newer shops in the area located in Atascadero.  There I met Audry Knight who wrote Reversible Scarves and since I forgot my hardcopy had her sign my e-copy right on my tablet!  While there I purchased a lovely tweed wine/grape variegated skein and a mosaic(2-color) cowl pattern (I found some pink superwash in my stash that will combine nicely with it). 

I stayed at the best bed and breakfast in Morro Bay -- cost?  My skein of blue yarn.